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Mar 2016: New Leadership Team Members and April 4th Gathering

Great news - New Leadership Team Members!
It is a pleasure to announce the newest members of our Dominican Family Leadership Team. Kevin Smith will serve a 3-year term as Chairperson, while Lynn Hogan and Neil Douglas will serve 2-year terms as Councilors.  These new members bring strong and diverse gifts to the Family. Kevin, Lynn and Neil will be introduced as new Leadership Team members at our April 4th gathering.  Come show them your unanimous support. They will be installed at our Commitment Mass on Sunday, April 24th.

Kevin Smith - Future Chairperson
Kevin made his first DF commitment in 2011, when he quickly joined the leadership Team, helping set up the organizational structure of the Leadership Team. For the last 3 years, Kevin has been part of the Leadership Team serving as Committee Chair for the Human Trafficking Study Action Group.


Lynn Hogan - Councilor
Making her first Dominican Family commitment in 2013, Lynn has been actively involved in the Family, especially with the Poverty Study Action Group.  In addition to hosting a DF Neighborhood Gathering, she has also participated in the Pot Luck Dinners for Angela House.


Neil Douglas - Councilor
Neil was a member of the Inaugural DF class, making his first commitment in 2010.  Neil was also one of the key people in setting up the organizational structure for the Leadership Team in 2013.  This year, Neil served as Facilitator of the Study Group on Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si.

Wine and Dessert Pot Luck - April 4th, 6 PM 
Please don't miss our last Dominican Family meeting of the year on Monday, April 4th.  The evening will be our very popular, Wine and Dessert Pot Luck.  Please bring your favorite wine or dessert to share with the Family, as we celebrate a terrific year.  Please note that we will gather at 6 pm to allow more time to visit.

Go to SignupGenius to sign up for your dessert or snack.

April 4th is also a Book and Supply Drive for 
Angela House

The Poverty Study Action Group is also sponsoring a Book Drive and Supply Drive for Angela House.  This is certainly the time of year for Spring Cleaning, so bring any books that are just collecting dust for the women at Angela House.  The women are avid readers and would greatly benefit from your donation. Please consider donating your fiction or non fiction books from middle school novels and above.  

Equally important are supplies for Angela House.  Please see the list below for some of the most needed supplies.  Please bring your donated books and supplies to our Wine and Dessert Gathering on Monday April 4th.

Angela House Household Needs
  • Gift Cards to Kroger
  • Gift Cards to Walgreens or CVS
  • Family Dollar Gift Cards
  • Metro Bus Cards
  • Umbrellas 
  • Paper Towels
  • Multi-fold paper towels
  • 15 to 45 gallon trash bags
  • R/V & Septic Safe Toilet Paper
  • Dish Soap
  • Light Bulbs (40, 60, & 100 watts)
  • Zip Close Food Storage Bags - Gallon & Quart Sizes  
  • Silverware (Forks & Spoons only)
  • Heavy Duty Shower Curtains
  • Command Strips
  • Forever Stamps 
  • Cases of multi-use paper (8.5 x 11) 
  • Flash Drives
  • Non-Bleach Clorox Wipes 
  • Spray Cleaner (409, Spic & Span, Etc.)
  • Rubber Bands
  • First Aid Supplies (Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, wound wash antibiotic 
For a more complete list of needs visit the Donate page at

Best wishes for a very blessed Easter season!

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