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Jan 2017: Dominican Family's Presentation on Human Trafficking




The Gospel message calls us to tackle difficult issues at times. Obviously, the crisis of human trafficking is one of those difficult issues.  Thanks to the diligence and hard work of members of our Human Trafficking Study Action Group, the Dominican Family was able to learn more about this grave issue.  Kevin Smith, working with the Staff of CHILDREN AT RISK was able to create a virtual bus tour of human trafficking locations in our community.  The evening was comprised of four parts parts: payer for human trafficking led by Gloria Vocelka; an introduction to human trafficking by Jamey Caruthers; a virtual bus tour of human trafficking institutions provided by Kevin Smith; and the powerful story told by a former human trafficking victim.







Jamey Caruthers, Senior Staff Attorney at CHILDREN AT RISK (pictured to the left), provided a 15-minute overview on Human Trafficking. Jamey also provided the narrative for the 1-hour virtual bus tour of well-known places of human trafficking in Houston.







Allison shared her painful story as a victim of human trafficking.  Allison's story of abuse began as a 3-year old victimized by familial sexual abuse.







 Coming in February!








February 6th - Presentation on Integral Ecology 

Join us for Sr. Linda Gibler's presentation on Integral Ecology, an issue our Dominican Sisters have chosen to be their focus for the next six years. Pope Francis in his encyclical, Laudato Si, emphasized, "complex crises have both social and environmental dimensions. The bond between humans and the natural world means that we live in an integral ecology, and as such, an integrated approach to environmental and social justice is required."









February 17th & 18th
Dominican Spirituality Weekend

Dominican preacher and musician, Fr. Jim Marchionda, invites us to broaden our horizons. Join in this refreshingly creative presentation of word, preaching, story and song. Plan to ponder, to laugh, to sing and finally, to walk away with a broader perspective than the one you came with. See the attached flyer for more details. Register via email to or call Blanca Perez 713-440-3710 before February 10th.





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