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Integral Ecology Work Study Committee


Integral Ecology refers to the factors that shape and are shaped by the interaction of human beings with each other and the natural world. The interconnectedness of these factors points to the central idea of wholeness; this and the coming together of science and spirituality define the overall theme of our message. 

Ecology, evolution and social psychology are the especially relevant scientific disciplines for us. As the study of ecosystems, ecology focuses on the consequences of climate change and the general degradation of natural systems. An enlightened view of evolution opens the possibility of turning evolutionary mechanisms to the task of consciously evolving a culture in which Earth and all life are cherished, protected, healed and restored. Social psychology addresses how collective beliefs can become better aligned with the reality of a threatened planet. 

Spiritually, the New Story embodies logic and scientific sensibilities while sustaining religious faith as a motivating force. Individual transformation is a spiritual process that recognizes that change begins and takes hold in the beliefs and actions of individuals. Our message should resonate with those who are deeply religious and with those who are not but who believe there is a moral reality that transcends mere individual self-interest. 

Our purpose is to collaborate with other appropriate organizations and participate in the process of creating awareness of the peril we face and the consequences of sustaining the political, cultural, religious and economic status quo - and acting, where possible, to support change.  

Helpful documents to download from the committee:

Care for Our Common Home
May 24, 2020 is the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’. Pope Francis invites us to celebrate Laudato Si’ Week, May 16 to May 24. 

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are living through history-shaping events. Due to physical distancing and limited numbers in gathering spaces, no public events are planned. However, we can unite in solidarity for a more just and sustainable future. Let us pray united with our brothers and sisters in faith as we grow through the crisis of this moment to build a better tomorrow. The Dominican Family Integral Ecology Committee and Dominican Sisters are collaborating to offer these daily reflections and prayers:

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