Dominican Family of Houston
Prayer  Study  Community Preaching

  Leadership Team 2018-2019


Name Position
Kevin Smith Past Chair
Judy McCollough Present Chair
Lauri Ruiz Future Chair
Maria Burdick Councilor
Shawna Callaghan Councilor
Marc Martinez Councilor
Anna Sklut Councilor
Denise Stasio Communication Committee Coordinator
Joe Allen Dominican Teaching Committee Coordinator
Gloria Vocelka Prayer Committee Coordinator
Abby Linesch Hospitality Committee Coordinator
Neil Douglas Integral Ecology Study/Action Committee Coordinator
John Gorczynski Human Trafficking Study/Action Committee Coordinator
Krystle Powell Poverty Study/Action Committee Coordinator

Betty Gillespie

Sr. Kitty Carter OP Family
Sr. Adrian Dover OP Family
Sr. Carol Mayes OP Family


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