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Nov 2022: Thanksgiving Blessing
News Articles:
ߦ   Mar 2023: Next Gathering - April 3 and March Gathering Photos
ߦ   Feb 2023: Next Family Gathering is at St. Pius X High School!
ߦ   Feb 2023: Dominican Family Gathering on Poverty (February) and other news
ߦ   Jan 2023: Next Gathering (Monday, February 6) and Lenten Opportunities
ߦ   Jan 2023: January 2023 Gathering on Racism
ߦ   Jan 2023: DF Gathering - Monday, January 9
ߦ   Dec 2022: Important Dates 2023
ߦ   Nov 2022: Advent Prayer Service and Brunch - Saturday, December 3
ߦ   Nov 2022: Thanksgiving Blessing
ߦ   Nov 2022: Gathering - TOMORROW, Monday, Nov 7 - 6:00 p.m.
ߦ   Nov 2022: Invitation from Integral Ecology Committee - COP27
ߦ   Oct 2022: Weekly Update - October 30
ߦ   Oct 2022: Weekly Update for October 23
ߦ   Sept 2022: DF Mass this Sunday, October 2/2:00 p.m.
ߦ   Sept 2022: Season of Creation - Listen to the Voices of Migrants
ߦ   Sept 2022: Travel, Events, and Volunteer Opportunities
ߦ   Sept 2022: Opening Gathering NEXT Monday - More News!
ߦ   Aug 2022: First Gathering, Monday, September 12 - Opportunities for engagement
ߦ   July 2022: Let's Begin! - Important Information for Fall 2022
ߦ   June 2022: Congratulations and welcome to our newest nine Dominican Family members!
ߦ   June 2022: Summer Gathering Reminder - Wednesday, June 22!
ߦ   June 2022: Opportunities to Discern and Act
ߦ   May 2022: Summer News
ߦ   May 2022: Statement in response to the Buffalo, New York tragedy
ߦ   May 2022: Spring Commitment - Sunday, May 15
ߦ   April 2022: Spring Commitment and Engagement Opportunities
ߦ   Mar 2022: Next Gathering - Monday, April 4/6:00 p.m.
ߦ   Mar 2022: March Gathering Reminder
ߦ   Feb 2022: March Gathering Information
ߦ   Feb 2022: February 7th - NO GATHERING / Next Gathering - March 7
ߦ   Jan 2022: January 12th Dominican Family Gathering - POSTPONED
ߦ   Nov 2021: November Gathering Info and Other News
ߦ   Oct 2021: October News/Upcoming Gathering/Committee Engagement
ߦ   Oct 2021: October Gathering CANCELED - Next Gathering, November 8
ߦ   Sept 2021: Meeting CANCELED - Important Announcements
ߦ   Sept 2021: Upcoming Events and Information
ߦ   June 2021: June news
ߦ   June 2021: Save the (tentative) dates for 2021-2022!
ߦ   May 2021: April Gathering and Year-End News!
ߦ   Apr 2021: Dominican Family Gathering - Monday, April 12/ 7:00 p.m.
ߦ   Mar 2021: A Blessed Holy Week & Easter
ߦ   Mar 2021: Dominican Family Gathering Recap
ߦ   Feb 2021: February Gathering Recap
ߦ   Jan 2021: January Gathering Recap
ߦ   Dec 2020: December Meeting Recap
ߦ   Dec 2020: December Meeting and Committee News
ߦ   Nov 2020: Thanksgiving Blessings
ߦ   Nov 2020: November Meeting Recap/Advent Book Information
ߦ   Nov 2020: November Meeting Information and News from Dominican Family
ߦ   Oct 2020: Studying the Signs of our Times – The Election
ߦ   Oct 2020: October Meeting Recap and LIVE Virtual Candidate Forum
ߦ   Oct 2020: Meetings and News from Dominican Family
ߦ   Sep 2020: News from Dominican Family
ߦ   Aug 2020: Dominican Family Schedule
ߦ   Aug 2020: TMO - Get Out the Vote
ߦ   Jun 2020: Dominican Family & Dominican Sisters Against Racism
ߦ   May 2020: June 1 Meeting Information
ߦ   May 2020: May 4th Zoom Meeting Minutes
ߦ   Apr 2020: Earth Day Happenings
ߦ   Mar 2020: DF Update - Coronavirus
ߦ   Mar 2020: Highlights from March Gathering on Clerical Abuse and Cover-up
ߦ   Feb 2020: February DF Gathering on Integral Ecology
ߦ   Jan 2020: February Happenings
ߦ   Jan 2020: January Gathering Highlights & News
ߦ   Dec 2019: January Happenings
ߦ   Dec 2019: Advent Prayer & Brunch
ߦ   Nov 2019: Dominican Family November Meeting Highlights
ߦ   Oct 2019: November Happenings
ߦ   Oct 2019: Dominican Family Gathering Highlights on Interfaith Ministries
ߦ   Sept 2019: October Happenings
ߦ   Sept 2019: September Meeting Summary
ߦ   Sept 2019: Potluck and Upcoming Events
ߦ   July 2019: Summer Events
ߦ   May 2019: Dominican Family Welcomes 10th Commitment Class
ߦ   May 2019: Summer Border Awareness Program
ߦ   Apr 2019: More DF April news
ߦ   Apr 2019: Dominican Family Gathering Highlights
ߦ   Apr 2019: Interfaith Ministries and DF
ߦ   Mar 2019: DF April events
ߦ   Mar 2019: DF March gathering
ߦ   Feb 2019: DF March events and information
ߦ   Feb 2019: February 2019 Gathering -- Discerning Our Response to the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis
ߦ   Jan 2019: Upcoming February DF events and information
ߦ   Jan 2019: DF information for January
ߦ   Dec 2018: A look back at December
ߦ   Dec 2018: Dominican Family new year
ߦ   Nov 2018: DF December events and information
ߦ   Nov 2018: Highlights of November Gatherings on Call to Holiness
ߦ   Oct 2018: November Gatherings
ߦ   Oct 2018: Highlights of October 2018 Dominican Family Gathering
ߦ   Sept 2018: October DF events and news
ߦ   Sept 2018: Dominican Family kicks off 10th Anniversary with Welcome Dinner
ߦ   Sept 2018: September DF events and news
ߦ   Aug 2018: DF events -- Welcome Dinner and Book Discussion
ߦ   Aug 2018: Dominican Sisters count on help from decade-old lay ministry
ߦ   Jul 2018: Families Belong Together March and other events
ߦ   Jul 2018: Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil
ߦ   Jun 2018: Helping children separated from their families
ߦ   Jun 2018: DF invitation to prayer on Thursday
ߦ   Jun 2018: 24/7 Vigil Begins Today at 419 Emancipation Avenue
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