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Racial Justice Committee
RJphoto.gifThe Racial Justice committee, initiated in October 2020, formed to educate ourselves and the Dominican Family as to the deep racist policies and beliefs which have permeated all aspects of American society over the past centuries.

Our continuing goal of educating ourselves as to our own racism is to move us to being actively anti-racist.  To that end we offer this evolving list of resources for self-education:

Four thought-provoking videos that the committee recommends are:

The Racial Wealth & Income Gap program and activity, created by the Catholic Sisters NETWORK, is a highly impactful program illustrating the tenfold difference in wealth by race in the USA.  See these resources for further information.

To increase our awareness of racial justice issues, the committee completed the following activities in 2021:
  • Met 22 times.
  • Presented brief video clips at 4 DF mtgs.
  • Conducted 2 full DF mtgs on racial justice:
    • Discussion sessions on Face-to-Face poem & Ebony & Emily video
    • Racial Wealth & Income Gap activity
  • Created a webpage of racial justice resources on DF website.
  • Read & discussed So you want to talk about race by Ijeoma Oluo.
  • Listened to & discussed 3 podcasts on international Black experiences.
  • Recounted our own personal stories, reflecting on how we each got to where we are today.
  • Had Georgia Provost as a guest speaker to share her story as a Black activist & leader in Houston.
  • Researched and voted in local elections.
  • Shared very helpful and inspiring resources amongst each other.
  • Had two fun social gatherings!:

As the Dominican Family keeps growing, we rely on dedicated members to help us strengthen our mission. We accomplish this through the active participation of our members in our committees. Please contact Calista Herbert if you have any questions or wish to get involved.

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