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The Dominican charism calls members of the Family to actively pursue a deeper awareness of God's presence through prayer. Nurturing prayer life and spirituality as well as sharing the fruits of one's prayer embody the charism of the Dominican's call to be aware of and to speak of the constant presence of God.

Dominic prayed with his entire being and lived his prayer in service to others. Living as an active member in the Dominican tradition, all are called to be attentive to the Sacred within and fully present to each moment of life.

Members of the Dominican Family are encouraged to explore diverse modes and expressions of prayer such as: scripture, sacraments, liturgy of the hours, meditation, silence, nature, creative arts, etc.

Dominicans are called to live with a holy sense of wonder and awe and oneness of body, mind, heart, and spirit.


The Dominican charism calls members of the Family to an active pursuit of study as a means of seeking Truth in our contemporary world. Study has been an essential component of Dominican life for 800 years. Study calls us beyond preconceived notions and ideologies, and stretches us toward an integration of intellectual knowledge, Gospel values, and life experiences.

The Dominican's pursuit of study can take many forms. As reflective preachers, Dominicans often focus on the study of spirituality, scripture, theology, physical and social sciences, history, current events and the topics which flow from our mission and vision. Ongoing study breathes new life into our ministry of daily preaching.

Study is essential in our continual search to discover how God is acting in our world and in our lives, and how we take our place in the unfolding mystery of the Universe.


The Dominican charism calls members of the family into active involvement in the building and nurturing of community life. Community speaks of sharing ourselves with one another, reaching out to others with hospitality, and discovering our connectedness.

Dominicans embrace mutual relationships in the community with people of diverse ages, cultures, theologies and world views. Family members actively participate in discovering and promoting community structures, which encourage personal growth and support the mission. These structures may include both formal and informal relationships and activities within the community.

Formal structures and activities vary from year to year. Members of the Family plan the gatherings.

In summary, we assume a co-creative role in promoting community. Members are encouraged to find new and innovative ways to serve and to nurture relationships with, among and beyond the group. Strengthened and nourished by this spirit of community, Dominicans live and work to fulfill our mission.


Preaching and an active commitment to efforts for justice and peace are at the heart of the Dominican charism. Dominicans preach by the words they speak and by the lives they live. Members seek to live the Gospel message in their daily lives through the spirit of truth and love brought to relationships and to the workplace. Members who are called to formal preaching are encouraged to do so.


Formation takes place in the context of relationships and is an evolutionary process in the life of each member of the Dominican Family. This process prepares them to live out the Dominican chrism and mission. The call to live and speak the truth requires an ongoing commitment to personal and communal growth.

The formation process for a member of the Dominican Family is a one year process. The Dominican relationship is formalized and celebrated with a Dominican community at a commitment ceremony. The initial commitment as a member of the Dominican family is made for a period of one year after which the commitment may be renewed for a period of one, two or three years.

Formation is a lifetime endeavor.


Members of the Dominican family share the Dominican's life of mission. They are responsible for fostering and encouraging on-going formation and meaningful gatherings.


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