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Sept 2016: Largest Dominican Family Event Ever!


On Monday, September 12th, our Dominican Family enjoyed a fabulous evening together, kicking off the 2016-2017 new year.  The very popular Pot Luck Dinner drew a record gathering of more than 110 members.  All of the incredible photos are courtesy of Kelly Reed and can be viewed at:


Our new Chairperson, Georgia Skopal, presented the very exciting plan for the new year, based on the theme of "Moving from Tolerance to Compassion".  The Leadership Team decided on the theme in response to the very violent, divisive and hateful events taking place throughout our country and our planet today and our desire to make a little difference.

New Dominican Family website...

One of the most exciting announcements of the evening was the launching of our new Dominican Family website.  It is something that has been in the works for some time.  Former Chairperson, Denise Stasio and Communication Chair, Carolyn Bobo made our website a reality.  The website is full of helpful not only tells our story, but it has an incredible calendar filled with all upcoming events and much, much more... Please check it out at

Mark your Calendars now!

2016-2017 Dominican Family Events

  • October 3  Interfaith Presentation – The Intersection of Faith and Social Justice
  • November 7  Dominican Sisters presentation – Social Justice
  • December 17 Advent Prayer Service and Brunch – Saturday, 10:00am
  • January 9 Human Trafficking on sex trade in Houston
  • February 6  Sister Linda Gibler on Integral Ecology
  • March 6  Lenten Prayer Service
  • April 3  Discernment and Leadership Team Installation with Desert Potluck
  • April 23 Commitment Mass


 ...Other Key Dominican Family Events

  • September 21 Coffee at 2nd Cup Wednesday  10:00am at 1111 E. 11th St. in the Heights. Social time, portion of sales goes to fight Human Trafficking
  • October 9 Happy Hour Sunday 2-4 pm at Maria Burdick's (318 Isolde Dr, Houston Tx 77024).  Bring a sweet or savory snack to share. Soft drinks will be provided; feel free to bring wine to share.  RSVP to Maria at or call 281-660-7369.
  • October 20 Coffee at 2nd Cup Thursday, 10:00am
  • November TBD Bus Trip to Galveston to learn the history of the Dominican Sisters of Houston
  • January 13-14 Dominican Family Retreat at the Spirituality Center
  • January 17 DF Invitation Event  Tuesday, 6:30pm Cocktail social for the new Inquiry Group
  • January 21  End of the 800 Jubilee Year of the Dominican Order


Financial Report...

Judy McCullough, our DF Financial person, provided a recap of our finances.  In 2014 a collection was taken to cover the expenses of our growing Family, which had previously been covered by the Dominican Sisters of Houston.   So much was raised that a donation was not necessary in 2015.  However, we are requesting another donation to cover our expenses for the upcoming year. Judy distributed donation envelopes, however, donations can either be given to Judy at an upcoming meeting or mailed to her at:

Judy McCullough
2911 Eden Trails Ln.
Richmond, TX 77406

Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Join our Dominican Sisters any Wednesday for Lunch at the Villa.
To participate, simply click on the link below to sign up.  Those who have participated before have loved getting to know the Sisters bettter and hearing their amazing stories and the Sisters really enjoy getting to spend more time with Dominican Family members.

Angela House Fund Raiser

Would it be O.K. if your electric provider sent a donation to Angela House every time you paid your electric bill?

Last year, Sr. Maureen O’Connell and John Hensley set up a Fund Raiser with Stream Energy.  It’s very simple…sign up for Stream service on the Angela House webpage…every month when you pay your electric bill; Stream donates $5.00 to Angela House.  Stream Energy is a very successful retail electric provider, (just like Reliant, TXU and Direct), that offers very competitive rates.  Stream is the choice of many of the Dominican Sisters and Dominican Family members. The link to the program is below, with a short video about the program:

We hope to see you again on...

  • Wednesday, September 21 for Coffee at 2nd Cup Wednesday at 10:00am at 1111 E. 11th St. in the Heights. Social time, portion of sales goes to fight Human Trafficking.
  • Monday, October 3rd for our Interfaith Presentation...The Intersection of Faith and Social Justice.
  • Sunday, October 9th for DF Happy Hour from 2-4 pm at Maria Burdick's home (318 Isolde Dr, Houston Tx 77024).  Bring a sweet or savory snack to share. Soft drinks will be provided; feel free to bring wine to share. RSVP to Maria at or call 281-660-7369.
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